Wild Wild West 3on3 Basketball Tournament

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The Game

  • Teams are guaranteed a minimum of two scheduled games.
  • The court will have a 3-point line.
  • A standard goal will be scored one-point; a goal made outside the 3-point line will be scored two-points.
  • Possession will change after each made basket.
  • Free throws will be awarded after 5 fouls.
  • A referee will be assigned to each court.
  • Games will have a 20 minute time limit; and a sudden death period of 2 minutes if the game is tied after 20 minutes.
  • You will be placed into age brackets according to the oldest member of your team based on the date of the tournament.
  • In the event that a member of your team is unable to attend, you may make a substitution, as long that individual is in the same age bracket and brings all necessary documentation for registration. Teams with only two available players will be asked to forfeit and be given a refund.
  • Rules and regulations will be e-mailed to your team captain after your entry is processed. They are also located here.

Weather Policy: Games will be played unless conditions warrant postponement.

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